Saturday, November 2, 2013

We're Back

Hi Guys... 
"I have seen the power of small actions, and... really it is AWESOME!" I am very happy that my neighbor also follow us to plant some plants. It takes incredible people to have the initiative to take that inspiration and turn it into actions... Share and spread the word 'Let's Gardening! Good job! 
Yupz... this is just our small action in gardening, our intention isn't to get achivements or award but this is just our action in gardening, all depend on your intention. They're growing well^^
Our cassavas... long beans... dragon fruit, mangos, peppers, papayas, bananas, .... they're growing so nicely... cheers
We wanted to make all this for sharing to hopefully get some people interested in gardening and maybe even tell what we're growing here at gf. 
I am not at all an expert in this kind of thing but it worked very well so I share it with you here. The blog will speed up again soon Insya Allah… ^^
Don’t forget to smile! :)
Your garden ccalling

Let's save our next Indonesian agriculture... Indonesia has very fertile soil, so let's use them well...

Keep moving forward!
Go green!

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