Teaching Garden

There are 5 missions of Academy of 'GreenTECH' :
  • School Gardening for Students
  • School Gardening for Neighbors
  • Research for College Students

School Gardening
School Gardening of GF, the gardening course will open for students from kindergarden, elementary, junior, and senior high school! This course will give education about gardening. It is designed to offer educators the practical knowledge necessary for building and sustaining a school gardening program of GF. We’ve now begun to offer a seasonal alternative! Want a garden in your local school? GreenerationFarm has program to grow gardens across the schools. Give these kids a thumbs up for opening their minds and getting their fingernails dirty. We would also introduce technology in gardening.
For more information please send us email at gfgreenerationfarm@gmail.com (www.o-greentech.tumblr.com)

Education: The Community Gardens program provides a wide range of free workshops, provided primarily to train volunteers in a work party setting, but also presented at Homes and Gardens venues and other community events as a tool to engage new volunteers. Education is also provided to youth and teens through specific programs, free to the youth and funded primarily through sponsorships. Knowledge gained through Community Gardens’ education is transferred to other gardeners in the Community Gardens program and the wider community.
  • Provide “how to” gardening classes for all ages
  • Teach people where food comes from
  • Teach gardeners about gardening potential
  • Horticulture therapy
  • Provide tours of community gardens
  • Discuss food shed issues with gardener


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