Gardening is for sharing...
Have you thought about starting gardening on your block? 
For a moment, pause, and imagine what it would be like if you and your neighbors came together and growing food together... What might that look like???
What if every time you drove down your block, you passed an array of community gardens and neighbors knew each other? Look out your window and imagine a garden there. You will be fresh and glad to see it.

Plant a garden in your front yard. Maybe you could rent or use empty yard near your house? Just go for it. We assure you, it’s worth it. While you’re out with your hands in the soil, conversations will follow. Neighbors will ask what your planting while passing by...
That’s how it starts and we’re here to help you out.
and I have seen the power of small actions, and it is really AWESOME! 

Ther's work to be done Let's do this together...
make collaborations together...
We are changing the world one garden at a time, and meeting one neighbor at a time. 
It starts with a vision, but the action is really simple...

Here in Cibitung-Bekasi, we’re working to document and share our gardening and mistakes as we’ve come together to line our block in front yard gardens. It started with 1 garden in our yard.
We’ve also started a gardening school program to educate empower and educate society and students to grow their own food even on small yard. We also has many planning in other programs on the way... Insya Allah
Start the conversation in your neighbors and society and stay in touch... OK
Let's gardening It's fun!
Enjoying it!

Collecting the bottles

After drinking water, juice, milk from bottle don't throw away! please collect to us, we often keep them for our garden, We also got many bottles from our friends, Thanks for you guys help us collecting many bottles to recycle them.
We can recycle many bottles for your garden. 

After we collect many bottles, we collect some tools (rope, marker, ruler, and scissor) then made hangging bottles and capilarity concept in planting. 
hanging bottle
These are our tools when we were gardening...
Hai guys these are our seedlings, We are very excited to see they are sprouting up...

There are some plants at our garden. They are : 

manggo tree

Let's Gardening!
GF - Greeneration Farm


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