Saturday, September 28, 2013

Planting Day at GF, September 2013

Hey everybody:) we postponed for a week ago because our activities, but the website its being built as we speak by Media.. its gonna be beautiful and we can't wait till launch! 

Huge thanks to the youth of senior high school students who came all the way from Tambun, to serve at the GF garden. They're invited by me because they had to get more lesson about physic to solved problems about quiz before. After that we went to garden and they did a fantastic job weeding and mulching planted some long bean. We are grateful for students of senior high school youth who helped us two weeks ago. They weren't afraid in dirty... although they enjoyed planting and also taking some photos:) 

Participate in the gardening, help somebody start a garden, and photo archive the progress of ur garden on If u've got garden pics or know some one who does, post them here! The site will be up soon!:) Thanks! 

We're GREENERATION... cheers^^

Thank you very much... for allowing our girls troop to visit our garden and learn more about the important work you are doing in our community! We had a great time and will be back soon to plant others! Thanks for your support and participation.. Thank you students!!


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